Stoners Guide To Being Stoned

Someone please pinch me! Marijuana is legalized in California?!?! Yesir, Prop 64 passed baby! Every stoner’s dream, being able to walk into a store pick up some essentials and also grab an eighth for the road. Excellent! Everyone is going to be a part of the Litty Committee.

Here is a quick guide to getting stoned

  • Find a plug; not the one you stick forks in but like Scarface minus the blow…maybe a little blow. But find a plug!!!!
  • Pair up! Groups of two are perfect for splitting the price plus gives you a smoking buddy to “rip bowls of that green no lucky charms.”
  • OMG! This Top Ramen is phenomenal. But have snacks ready at all cost.. Or a destination for the snacks because munchies are real and it is an experience that never gets old.
  • Nature Feels, being lit at the top of Mt. Tam on a clear day — guarantee you’ll nut yourself. But really get outside and light up a joint.
  • Gatorade.. H20.. GATORADE! H20!!! Keep a thirst quencher nearby to limit the dry throat.

Comment on this blog with your funniest stoner moments because it’s fun to laugh at yourself every now and then. Don’t be a comment, leave a lame.

I love you,

Disco Tramp


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