Say No To The Hermit Lyf….and drugs lol

Lol is right Disco Tramp.

Those who do not wander are lost…

Alright, alright, alright, let’s get down to it then.

How To Get 2 & From San Francisco

  • Buy a breathalyzer from Best Buy! This handy gadget will remove the, “I think I feel ok to drive”, assumption. Either you can legally drive or not, but this little baby has got me out of a lot of trouble and stress. If you are over the limit, wait 30 minutes, eat water and drink some food, then repeat:)
  • Find a Schabert (aka non drinker) and/or stoner who would prefer to not partake and let them drive. This is by far the best way to have an awesome night and save some $$$.
  • Catch da Fairy — Yes we get it, you’re on a boat (uh suh Andy Samberg). This is by far the classiest way to get 2 NOT FROM the city. It has a bar and you get some spectacular views of the shitty. However, it does stop running early (last trip leaves SF at 9pm’ish) so you may need to have an all nighter with some babe you found #indaclub (I miss Usher) OR share an Uber home — catch an XL full of friends, and not in the 2x surcharge time, and it should cost less than $10 each to get back to San Raffy…you welcome
  • Try Oakland — I have never been at night time coz I hear that’s how murder be reign’N forealz. But in all seriousness, let me know how it is….

OMG I am so thirsty for a comment…. Please, please, please comment else i’ll have to punish my bad self xoxo

I love you,

Disco Tramp


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